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Promote your video content in a targeted way to a broad audience who haven't previously engaged with your brand


Content amplification
Audience extension

Good for  spreading your content to new people in a more targeted fashion and creating more cost effective brand engagement                  



Deliver a personalised or tailored message to engaged and warm audiences to encourage acquisition


Demand generation
Ad engagers Audience extension

Good for  delivering qualified site visitors and a constant stream of new prospects that can underpin business growth                                                  



Showcase your video content to a select group of warm & influential people to test it and gain early stage amplification


Content seeding
Site engagers Super users Influences

Good for  creating a viral effect amongst warm audiences and for testing how well received a video will be before it is amplified to the masses


Planting the seed of desire for Pandora

Content Seeding + Amplification

We encouraged sharing of the Pandora's Mother's Day videos by targeting existing customers and key online influencers with video seeding ads. Additional scale was created by targeting new audiences with similar profiles to existing audiences and using video amplification ads. These strategies combined ensured almost 1m people viewed the videos, with 72% watching it to the end.

Promoting Hero Products for Hunter

Demand Generation

We built lookalike audiences for each of Hunter's different product ranges (fashion, equestrian, gardening, festivals, field sports and farming) and delivered tailored ads for each segment in contextually relevant environments.  We brought 13k+ new targeted site visitors to Hunter, increasing their regular monthly site visitor levels by 40%.

Re-engaging In-Store Visits For Heal's

Intelligent Retargeting

Heal's customers who built wish lists in-store using installed tablets to scan products as they shopped were retargeted first with an email and subsequently with online display ads.  We ensured they saw the items on their wish list initially and then recommended items.  This hyper targeted activity produced click through rates in excess of 11% and a positive ROI

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